Welcome to DiNapoli Designs

DiNapoli Designs is Ron & Sue DiNapoli's personal piece of the web. While there is no formal company named "DiNapoli Designs" (at least not yet anyway), if we ever had a company...

Anyway, here's what you can see on our site. Hopefully we will expand and beautify it as time goes by...

Welcome Nicholas Andrew! First picture of the latest addition to our family!
Thanksgiving in Syracuse Ron, Sue, Christo and Xander spend Thanksgiving with Ron's sister in Syracuse.
Ron & Sue's new Bathroom It all started with some tiles falling off of the shower wall. Now it's all different!
Casper, the Friendly Dog We weren't planning on a dog, but...
Pizza for the Boys! Ron, Christo and Xander have a home-made pizza night while Sue is down in Texas
RCTQ Ornament Swap Pictures of the swaps since 1999 done with members of the rec.crafts.textiles.quilting newsgroup. All hand-made!!!
Ron's Custom Guitar Modifications Ron got a cool guitar at an amazing price. However he couldn't just leave well enough alone!
Christmas 2003 Links for the 2003 Cousins Christmas Exchange
Christmas 2004 Links for the 2004 Cousins Christmas Exchange
Ron and Sue's New Shed Building a shed is cheaper than buying one, right?
Remodeling our Garage Some pictures from our garage remodel project